Tuesday, February 18, 2014

What To-Do List

Got another infection just in time for the three day weekend...sigh...lucky me...Can't really remember the last time I spent three days doing next to nothing. I did go for coffee and grocery shopped for a couple of hours and went to the mall for a few more hours on Monday...but overall I spent it resting, watching TV and thinking about all the tasks I should be doing...(not sure if that's very restful!).

So the start of this week brings me to another, newer, bigger To-Do-List. Usually I have an ongoing list for work and home but so much down time last weekend allowed me to prioritize the list (I even color coded it!) and added in things besides projects and work... like taking time to doing some skiing before the snow melts, going to Como Conservatory and even reading...

Given that my last writing was a bucket list...it would be easy to see that I might be a tad too organize but really I'm a far cousin to anyone labeled a type A...more like a G or H...that said...better take a look at the list to see what I need to do today...or maybe get another latte first:-)

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