Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A Change in Weather

There's a strong wind blowing through my life...change.
I've been planning for the last few years...sort of...more like dreaming about...but the winds have picked up...I'm soon to be off on a new adventure...right after I....

  • quit work
  • sell the house
  • get RV and motorbike (scooter)
  • hit the road

The trip starts this year...not to be confused with past misadventures like following the grateful dead for a year or being a ski bum for months...

This trip will have no deadlines...not real goals or major itinerary...just seeing America for awhile with a couple of my grown kids (Vodudoll and Vindetta)...and the two little dogs (Burrito and Dot)...stopping at roadside attractions and eating at strange cafes...I'll blog from the road...but really busy getting ready...My to do list (simple version):

  • Get house and yard perfect for selling
  • Sell house
  • Buy an RV (went to RV show last weekend and narrowed it down!)
  • Get motorbike (and license so I can tool around on it and leave RV on occasion)
  • Give away a lot of junk (just the last 20 years of collecting)
  • Figure out how to earn misc cash and pay for monthly expenses
  • Put art and keepsakes in storage

Really that's all :-)

Once I get tired of the road (a year or two) going to settle again but probably someplace tropical...Belize? who trip at a time my dears...So follow along...I'll post once or twice a week starting now...afterall, what good is a trip without stories!

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